Website Project Evaluation



For this project, we had to design a website relating to a topic we like using the website creator Wix, the topic i picked is Anime and decide to make a review site based on that topic similar to the vains of IGN and MyAnimeList respectfully.

The first thing i did was research the topic that will be the theme for the website and then after, i looked into review sites to give inspiration to my own site.

The next thing i did was the main website which i can select either a template or create your own, i went with the templete because it will be easier and i can edit it into my own website with my own pages.

The anime i picked was Tokyo Ghoul because it was an anime i really enjoyed watching last Summer, i did research on some of the main characters featured in the anime for the rest of the pages on my website.

After doing the research, i began constructing my website which took me about two weeks to complete, i think i produced a really convincing website which can attacted the type of people who are into the topic displayed throughout the various pages i have made for my page.

Improvements i would make is some of the design for the website and give it a more streamlined look, i would also add more colour and background effects to make it look more appalling instead of looking too generic, i really enjoyed this project and making my own website on Wix.