Roll A Ball Evaluation



For this project, we had to follow a program which would allow us to make a simple game on the game engine Unity, the aim was to learn how to code certain things which would help us learn the basics on making a game in Unity.

The aim was to control a ball, score a certain amount of points and win the game, sounds simple but complicated to make, I did struggle through some of the coding and I was quite slow because I’ve never used a game engine or coded something so complicated before.

Three things I found easy with the project was the interface of Unity and how it works which wasn’t that challenging, the concept of the project for what we need to do and finally the website we used to follow the project with.

Three things I found hard with the project was the coding which took quite a while to figure out and get it to work, the complicated tabs which were confusing and was slightly cluttered on and the UI which was the hardest thing to do since it took me at least two hours to do.

I think next time if I do something game-related, I would focus a lot more on it and work a lot faster since I know how to use the Unity Engine and its coding techniques and be on time for the deadline.

Game Research

The Great Video Game Crash of 1983!

The reason why this major crash in the 1980s was so important to the video game industry is because it opened up how much video game consoles and games were releasing through 1981 till 1983, there was so many consoles like the Atari 2600 which was the top console at the time along with many more which most of them were either rip offs or complete copycats of regular consoles but with a different covering and branding.

The games were a completely different story altogether because there was some really bad games like the Atari 2600 port of Pac-man which sold well but had horrible reviews and most of the copies were sent back and the movie tie-in game E.T. which was even worse than the port and soon most of the unsold copies were buried in a landfill in New Mexico.

All these things all combined caused the video game industry to crash and wouldn’t fully recover until Nintendo unveiled the NES which will pick back up the US Video Game industry, sadly companies like Atari were bankrupted after this event.

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